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St. Feuillien Saison Dry-Hopped Saison by St. Feuillien
St. Feuillien’s Saison is what the Belgians
call a beer of the terroir, a traditional farmhouse
ale with all the rich savor of the fertile land of southern Belgium. Saison,
a warm golden blonde ale , is a top fermented classique.
Thanks to secondary fermentation in the bottle, Saison
has an unmistakable flavor full of nuances and a slight tang.
The Only Belgian Saison In Cans!

6.5% ABV
Available in 11.2oz can; 750ml bottle; 20L keg.


St. Feuillien Tripel Tripel
Sparkling orangish-golden in color with a brilliant white foam. Highly
aromatic with vivid hop resins leaping out of the glass. The flavor is
bright, leanly malty, spicy and hoppy. A generous amount of carbonation
makes for a full mouthfeel as well as mountains of pillowy foam.
Enjoy St. Feuillien Tripel with salads and seafood
or as a foil for rich, buttery or creamy dishes. Truly one of Belgium’s
great Tripels and a beer that is not to be missed!

8.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 11.2oz bottle; 750ml bottle; 3L bottle; 6L bottle; 9L
bottle; 20L keg.


SF 9L St. Feuillien Large Format
The same tremendously tasty Tripel, just in a really, really big bottle.
3 liters, 6 liters and 9 liters.
Any of which will make a real impression on your next gathering.

8.5% ABVBottle Conditioned

Available in 3L bottle; 6L bottle; 9L bottle.


St. Feuillien Brune 750 Brune
A rich, dark brown ale, brewed in the Dubbel style and bottle
conditioned for maximum flavor and shelf life. Deep russet in color
with a light tan foam. The aroma is fruit and sweet, with hints of
dried fruit and nuts. On the palate, St. Feuillien Brune
is slightly sweet and malty, finishing surprisingly firm and dry.
Try this beer with any of your favorite foods. It is extremely
food-friendly but is best paired with spicy or highly flavored dishes.

7.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 750ml bottle; 20L keg.


St. Feuillien Speciale Speciale
The Pinnacle
Speciale is the pinnacle of the brewing art at St. Feuillien. It’s
brewed in the middle of the year, aged for a minimum of 6 weeks in cold
tanks and then bottle conditioned in the warm room for 2 more weeks.
The result is a beer that has clean, delicious flavor and a beautiful,
elegant condition. Carbonation is fine, the foam collar is creamy.
Speciale is dark brown, very full bodied and very flavorful. Aromas and
flavors of fig, date and currants mingle with allspice, cinnamon and
cocoa on the palate and in the nose. Best served at 50º-55ºF for
maximum flavor.

9.0% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 750ml bottle; 20L keg.


Grand Cru Grand Cru by St. Feuillien
A Symphony Of Aromas And Flavors
Grand Cru has a full, dense, white head of foam, lacy and beautiful.
Very pale in color, brilliantly bright and appetizingly pale golden,
Grand Cru has a delicate nose full of subtle hops and fruit with a
backdrop of malt and honey. Grand Cru is very dry on the palate, firm
in body and well-attenuated with a pleasant fruity bitterness and
wonderful toasted malt character.

9.5% ABV Bottle Conditioned
Available in 11.2oz bottle.


La Blanche La Blanche
A summer seasonal Wit beer from the St. Feuillien brewery.
La Blanche from St-Feuillien reflects a unique combination of white
beer and triple characteristics, thirst-quenching, aroma, high density
and bitterness.
The colour is slightly blonde with an opaque, cloudy appearance. Its
head is creamy, white and compact. It has a distinctive aroma of wheat
beer with a delicate note of orange peel.
The body shows a contrasted blend of light bitterness which become more
and more intense and the wheat beer thirst-quenching characteristic.
This beer has an impressive lingering taste.

6.3% ABV
Available in 20L keg.